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All About In Home Newborn Sessions

There is that famous saying that home is where your heart is, and I am firm believer in that. There is no better place to capture your newborn than in the comfort of your own home.

When booking a newborn home session,

I want you to know all the details of what goes on during it, to preparing for it.

How Does One Book ?

This question gets asked a lot so you're not alone, when booking a newborn home session , we can never know the exact date you will be giving birth. If we could wouldn't that make our lives easier.

To book we will go off your due date, and if you don't have your little out yet that's ok.

Once that date booked has past we will simply keep in touch and you let me know when you give birth and within those two weeks once you get back home, we will move the session date that works for us both.

Important : If you have a hard delivery and need extra time to heal and recovery we can certainly push your session later . Don't ever feel sorry for asking for this . I want you to be comfy during your session .

How do I prepare for this session ?

When having an in home session don't worry about cleaning every nook and cranny. All you have to worry about is having the main areas picked up any clutter you wouldn't want in your pictures.

The bedroom

The nursery

The living room

These three areas are where I like to capture you and your family.

Having natural light is the key for good newborn photos. When upon my arrival to your home, open every blind in the house make sure window drapes are open and let all the beautiful natural light in possible. The more light the better.

We don't want weird yellow tones in your pictures , so make sure all lights are turned off.

What to wear ?

This is always a hard one deciding on what to wear , trust me I kind of struggle with this every time I have to leave my house.

  1. Keep it Simple: Opt for clothing that is simple, timeless, and won't distract from the baby. Solid colors or subtle patterns work well.

  2. Dress Appropriately: Wear neutral-colored clothing that won't distract from the baby in the photos. Avoid busy patterns or logos.

  3. Coordinate Colors: Choose a color palette that coordinates well with each other and with the setting of the photo shoot. Soft, neutral tones such as creams, grays, pastels, and earthy tones often work best. Avoid bright, bold colors that can be overwhelming.

  4. Avoid Logos and Busy Patterns: Clothing with large logos, slogans, or busy patterns can be distracting in photos. Stick to classic, understated styles that won't detract from the focus of the images.

  5. Consider Texture: Incorporating texture into your outfits can add visual interest without overpowering the photos. Think about fabrics like knit sweaters, lace, or linen for added depth.

  6. Your little one I always think a plain white onesie always win's every time and looks best.

What to expect during the session ?

Your session day is finally here.

Your session will last 90 minutes every newborn session usually takes this long.

  1. Once I get to your lovely home, I always ask you if I could check out the main rooms , the photographer I am is always looking for the bets natural light, and capturing your session I want to give you the best.

  2. Once I found the room with the best light we can start taking pictures. I'l tell you a secret most of the time we start in the living room ,but every house is different.

  3. I will always have you our your spouse hold the baby naturally, I will have you do normal things. : Kiss your baby :Hug your baby :Hold your baby :Smell your baby I always find this was funny, but let's be honest nothing is better than the fresh baby smell.

  4. I will take pictures of you and your family together holding your little one close, when I photograph I don't like space in between people, the closer the better.

  5. Each of you will get pictures with you little one separately as well .

  6. This one is very important : * Safety First: I will prioritize the safety and well-being of your baby above all else. I will use safe posing techniques. I don't so any unnatural baby posing at all . * All my posings is very natural your baby will be held 99% of the time by you and your spouse. When we do get pictures of just the baby alone. We will go usually in the nursery and lay a blanket on the floor and you will lay your baby on there back .

  7. If anytime during pictures your baby is , needs a feeding, or diaper change, we stop the session and you can feed your baby and take of them, don't be sorry at all, this happens during newborn sessions it is a ok. Your baby first no matter what, especially there comfort.

8: It does not matter to me if your baby is awake or sleeping either is ok. And either way the pictures will be beautiful.

Babies are tired you can let them sleep during the session .

9: Once we get near the end of the session I like to have the baby just in their diaper and we get all the detail pictures of them up close. During this we will lay them on a blanket either the floor or the bed.

Once we get all the main pictures captured , I always ask if you would like your little on in a special outfit that you wanted or a special blanket that would make this very meaningful to you if you wanted to include in your session, you can add anything.


A note written by grate Grandpa

A blanket with your babies name on it and swaddling your baby with it.

If your baby was made with the help of IVF we can include a needle if you saved them and have them in safe distance of the baby to include this special journey you have been on to get your baby.

I think newborn sessions at home is the best thing, it's easier on mom and dad during this new journey you both are going though with this little one.

After you session it'll be within 4 weeks and you will receive your gallery.

I hope this blog post has helped you with all your questions and make this session stress free, and full of love and passion for your baby.

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