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Spring Photo Sessions

Winter is finally gone and I think it's safe to say Spring has sprung. Come warmer weather comes more outside fun activities, and one of the fun activities can be family photos or engagement photos.

When to do book your spring session ?

: This question is always important, Spring time is a second favorite time of year to book sessions, and capture special memories.

It's always best to plan ahead January - February to lock in a date that way your session is booked.

Don't worry about weather, we never can predict the weather that's for sure. If bad weather does come with planning ahead we can just move your date to a better sun kissed day.

What should I expect temperature wise?

: Spring is a funny time, we can have sunny and 75 weather or chilly and cloudy with rain.

As the famous saying goes April showers bring May flowers.

It's always best to bring a sweater always no matter the season, it's best to be comfy and warm then chilly and cold. With being your photographer I will touch base before your session, to highly suggest bringing extra layers. Layers are your best friend. I also bring a blanket to each session, and if it does get extra chilly we can still take beautiful pictures of you and loved ones snuggled up in the blanket.

Picking a Location

:When picking a location it is always best to communicate what your vision is of your session.

There are so many options for beautiful locations, but if you want something specific ,

I will hunt down a location that will help capture your dream.

For options these are some of my favorite.

: You can ask for a field of flowers, I have one field that turns bright purple/ pink every year that is absolutely stunning, and you can run through a field of wild flowers.

:PA super pretty one shown on the right is the beautiful forsythia bush. There are so many wild bushes everywhere and defiantly will make your Spring photos pop even more.

: A new idea I will be doing this year to bring in the Spring is tulip baskets. Your probably wondering what he heck does that mean.

For this special session you'll be in a field with your love ones and there will be a basket full of tulips we will incorporate in your session in an organic and beautiful way.

Spring is full of beauty and sometimes it can not include flowers that is a ok.

If your vision is a pasture with tall green grass growing. We sure can do that.

I live on a farm that has tons of pastures so if this is your vision we can defiantly do that.

No matter your vision anything is possible as long as you communicate your vision and one shall do everything in there power to capture what you dreamed.

What do I wear to my photo session ?

This is such a good question ,what you wear to your session can makes the whole session and the pictures that more dreamy and beautiful.

With Spring time we all know everything is green the trees are green, the grass is green, the tall pastures are green. So I HIGHLY recommend not wearing green. I don't want you to blend into your background, I want you to stand out, and be a star, and shine through all the images.

I put together some visions boards or for you to help and your family and love one's dress comfy and also something that will go so well with Spring.

Not going to lie I'm a sucker for brown no matter the season, brown is a neutral color that goes with about anything.

And what's even better, I think every man owns a pair of khaki pants or brown pants. So even better.

Also something that never fails either is having the man wear blue jeans, and plus they're comfy.

:The color poppy is such a rich color that can be absolutely stunning in a Spring session.

Poppy is a red that can make any photo session stunning, and guess what brown goes so good with it too.

Don't be afraid of the contrast of the red, a pop of color in your session can be organic too and make your photos very dreamy.

One last part of what to wear is shoes. It may sound super silly, like shoes what's so special about foot wear.

During your session your your feet will be in the pictures especially during group shots or just images in general, so its definitely important to wear something very neutral and organic, that will be comfy for you to wear.

For a spring session I highly recommend if the weather is beautiful sandals, men can wear neutral sneakers, no light up shoes for the kids.

I always say this but will always keep saying this never wear heels to a photo session , you'll be in grass. pastures, and possibly uneven ground, so it is best to wear comfy shoes that are easy to walk in .

I hope this blog helps you plan out your next Spring session ,and makes it stress free.

-Farmer Behind The Lens-

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